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I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become

Carl Jung

Experience therapy that embraces your uniqueness

Resolve Stumbling blocks

Break free from the barriers holding you back as we work together to identify and address the stumbling blocks impeding your personal growth. I use tailored strategies and evidence-based techniques to empower you to overcome obstacles, develop effective coping skills, and pave the way for transformative change, enabling you to move forward with renewed resilience and a clearer path towards fulfilment.

Gain Insights

Uncover profound insights into your thoughts, emotions, and patterns, illuminating the underlying factors that influence your well-being. Through our collaborative therapeutic process, I offer a safe and supportive space for self-reflection, helping you gain clarity, understanding, and fresh perspectives on your experiences. With these newfound insights, you can make empowered choices, navigate challenges, and cultivate lasting positive change in your life.

Find Yourself

As I guide you in reconnecting with your authentic self through our personalised therapy, we create a nurturing space for exploration, enabling you to gain deeper insights into your values, strengths, and true identity. Together, we’ll uncover the layers that have shaped you, fostering self-awareness and empowering you to align your life with your core essence, paving the way for a more authentic, meaningful, and fulfilling existence.

“Effective therapy involves meeting the individual where they are, understanding their unique perspective, and guiding them towards growth and healing.” – Carl Rogers

Jack Norwood Psychotherapist and Counsellor

About Jack

Hi, my name is Jack Norwood and I am a psychotherapist and counsellor. As a pluralistic therapist, I offer a flexible and collaborative approach to your healing and growth so that your unique needs, preferences and goals are fully acknowledged and respected.

Therapy tailored to your uniqueness is vital because a one-size-fits-all solution simply doesn’t exist. Embracing the power of pluralism, I leverage diverse modalities to deeply understand your past experiences, true identity, and aspirations. Together, we explore various techniques, selecting the ones that best align with your specific needs and complexity of your experiences. This integrative approach empowers you to actively participate in your therapy journey, facilitating profound and lasting changes that honour your individuality.

What makes this pluralistic approach truly beautiful is your active involvement in shaping your therapy journey, not in expecting huge efforts from you, but in my understanding of your true self and how we can best apply therapy to you. Through our collaborative efforts, we create a safe space where profound and long-lasting changes can occur, empowering you to live a more fulfilling life.

If you’re seeking a friendly and empathetic therapist who values your uniqueness and believes in the power of tailored therapy, get in touch via the message box below, I would be honoured to accompany you on this transformative path.

Jack’s background

I’ve had a keen interest in anxiety and trauma all of my life. With my grandfather, a WW2 veteran and who suffered from PTSD, I’ve also had many friends and close family suffer from anxiety, fear and the compounded psychological effects this brings. This experience over the years in observing the struggles of others trying to manage their problem has given me many insights into how anxiety can develop and manifest into more complex issues.

I’ve worked as a private therapist at organisations specialising in anxiety and depression, as well as at a dedicated cancer centre. This has equipped me with expertise in addressing a wide range of challenges, not only generalised stress, anxiety, the management of chronic illness, and grief and loss but working with these clients to further help them discover purpose, meaning, and their authentic desires in life. Much of the work includes relationship difficulties, identity exploration, self-discovery and life purpose, including helping young men from challenging family backgrounds, those navigating marital and relationship issues, and individuals with low self-esteem, helping them find a positive identity and the confidence to communicate effectively.

I keep a very personable approach built on empathy and trust working closely with my clients so you can feel heard and understood. Working with a pluralistic approach means that I tailor my practice to you, the individual. Rather than choosing one approach or style, I recognise that you may require different methods of understanding and different approaches to therapy depending on you as an individual and your needs at that time. 

Experience therapy that embraces your uniqueness.

Take the first step toward your personal growth and wellbeing by getting in touch via the message box below. Together, we’ll embark on a transformative journey fuelled by personalised, integrative therapy that empowers you to create positive, lasting changes in your life.

I look forward to working with you,

Jack Norwood PROF. DIP PSY C. MNCPS.

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