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Stress, Anxiety and Feeling Depressed

Stress, anxiety and depression can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to face them alone. When you are empowered with effective understanding and insights of these challenging emotions, you’ll be able to much more effectively work towards a path of healing and emotional well-being.

Understanding stress, anxiety and depression

Stress, anxiety and feeling depressed are common human experiences and they can affect anyone at any point in life. Whilst exploring the underlying causes of these emotions, we work together to gain a deeper understanding of how your past history and experiences, stressors and life circumstances contribute to your current feelings.

stress anxiety and depression with psychotherapy
anxiety and depression with counselling

Addressing depression and managing stress and anxiety

Depression can be a challenging emotional state that affects various aspects of your life. I’ll help you to work through depression, focusing on fostering self-compassion and developing a support network. Relaxation exercises, and cognitive-behavioural tools will help you regain a sense of control over your emotions and thoughts.

Identifying and resolving root causes

Addressing the root causes of stress, anxiety, and depression is essential for lasting healing. We work collaboratively to explore past experiences, traumas, or unresolved issues that may contribute to your emotional struggles. By identifying these underlying factors, we can work towards resolving them and facilitate growth and healing.

addressing the causes of stress anxiety and depression

Promoting emotional resilience and self-care

Building emotional resilience is crucial for navigating life’s challenges. When you are empowered with built resilience and promoting self-care practices that foster emotional well-being you can establish healthy boundaries and recognize when to seek support, ensuring you have a robust foundation to manage stress, anxiety, and depression.


“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was ending, it became a butterfly.” – Proverb

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