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Anger and Emotion Management

I believe that acknowledging and understanding anger and other emotions are essential steps. This understanding combined with individuality and tailored therapy to suit your uniqueness will help you develop healthy coping mechanisms and emotional resilience.

Understanding Anger

Anger is a natural and instinctive emotion that everyone experiences from time to time. It can arise due to various triggers and often serves as a signal that something in our lives requires attention. My therapeutic approach recognises that anger can have multiple underlying causes, such as unmet needs, past traumas, or unresolved conflicts. Through a pluralistic lens, we work collaboratively to identify the roots of your anger and explore constructive ways to express and manage it.

Anger and emotion management

Emotional Awareness

One of the fundamental aspects of our pluralistic approach is fostering emotional awareness and expression. I provide a supportive environment where you can openly discuss your feelings without judgment. We draw from a diverse range of therapeutic techniques and strategies to help you understand the different facets of your emotions, including anger, and how they impact your thoughts, behaviours, and relationships.

Coping Strategies for Healthy Expression

Rather than suppressing or avoiding emotions like anger, I believe in equipping you with effective coping strategies to express and manage them in healthy ways. These strategies may include mindfulness techniques, cognitive reframing, relaxation exercises, and communication skills. By integrating various therapeutic modalities, I’ll empower you to find the approach that resonates best with your unique personality and circumstances.

coping strategies - anger

Embracing Change and Growth

“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change”

Carl Rogers

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